Short story :)

Sheikh Musa cerantonio arrested along with his wife by the kafir Philippine  government for supporting the Muslims in Iraq and Syria 

every time i read Sirah (prophet’s life) book i never finish it, i leave it every time i reach Death of the Prophet (saaw) part title, it’s like if my heart  got ripped out of my chest and being cut with knives .. if that’s not love then what is it?

Be with Allah like a child with his parents if you did not get what you want, then cry till you get it

Ibn Al-Jawzi


What do you call this ?

(a) that’s Tawheed, right there man! 

(b) that’s Tawassul, and i’m dumber than a sack of potatoes 

(c) that’s Shirk, bro!

(d) go to hell, ya wahhabi! i’m son of mutaa & proud


"If the freedom of your expression has no limit, then your chests should bear the freedom of our actions" Sheikh Osama bin laden (rahimahullah)


"The rainy night when I am standing wearing armor with sword and shield in my hand and looking again and again towards the eastern horizon, waiting for sun to rise so that I could start the battle."

khalid Ibn Al-Waleed (ra)